Mandatory guidelines for all Institutions/Colleges (New)

  • No Image On the letter head of the institute, The email ID and Phone no. shall be mentioned which is to be used for providing login ID and Password. The letter head shall be signed by the head of institute/Dean/Principal along with full name, mobile no. On the left side of this signature, the attestation of the name/phone/sign of the head of the institute shall be done by another member of the board/trustee with his sign, full name and the phone no. For existing institutes, the old registered email ID and the mobile no. should be mentioned in the letterhead meant for use of sending login ID or password for verification purpose.

  • No Image After login, colleges must map/update/add courses to their respective colleges, only then courses will be visible for students to apply for scholarship.

Institution/College Services ( Academic Year : 2023-24 )

S.NO Details Schedule (Opening & closing dates)
1 Institutions / colleges (INO) Registration process help file No Image
2 Institutions / colleges (INO) Login process help file No Image
3 Institutions / colleges letter head for registration.

( sample format )
4 Institutions / colleges fresh registration service

( Institutions / colleges not registred in e-Kalyan portal, can use this link for registration (For both Within & Outside state institutions & colleges ))
  1) 18.02.2024 to 29.02.2024 ( Extension 1 )No Image
    (Within State & Outside State)

   2) 20.12.2023 to 10.01.2024 ( Opening dates )
5 Institutions / colleges renewal registration service

( Login and complete the renewal institution form by uploading the required documents 2023-24 )
  1) 20.12.2023 to 10.01.2024 ( Opening dates )No Image
    (Within State & Outside State)
6 Student application verification by institutions/colleges for academic year 2023-24   1) 29.02.2024 to 15.03.2024 ( Extension 1 )No Image
    ( For All Institutions/Colleges)

  2) 12.01.2024 to 29.02.2024 ( Opening dates )
    ( For All Institutions/Colleges)
7 Know your Institutions / colleges registration status
8 Forgot Password ( Institutions/colleges ) No Image