Kindly read all below Instructions and also have all the necessary documents for applying

First Step -

Student have to go with the option Student registration, on the home page e-kalyan. Fill up the application as per the instructions given by the system then click on save button. After successfully student registration,student will receive sms/email for his/her login details. Upon Student Registration - For Signing In the system will instruct the applicant to login with submit his/her Student Login Name/Mobile No/Email Once Logged in, Student is required to fill the Application form in Details and Click Save Upload the Documents (Scan Copy of originals in JPG/JPEG Format,File Size:150 KB) on the website.

Second Step -

Student should take a print out of the application by clicking on Print button, then sign and upload the requisite documents.

The Post Matric Scholarship Schemes (Within the State/Outside the State) are online Schemes. In order to apply online, please visit the website through URL: ekalyan.cgg.gov.in
For Post Matric Scholarship : In case of fresh and Renewal scholarships please visit updated schedule in Student Services & Schedule
All Students must Upload the total required Documents as per schedule in Student Services & Schedule
All the colleges(Within State) will get their Login Details - Username/Password from their respective -District Welfare Officers (DWO). Colleges must contact the DWO for their Login Details
Yes. An Application ID will be provided to the candidate once his/her application is completed along with all the scanned documents uploaded successfully. It will be conveyed to candidates through SMS and e-mail. Students should note their Application ID as it will be required while applying for renewal.
As per Schedule given in website students can apply for Fresh & Renewal Scholarship applications.
For any technical queries, Contact Helpdesk No's: +91-8409588101,+91-7258010024, Toll free number : 1800-599-1289 (from 11:00AM to 4:00PM Monday to Friday working days only) E-mail: helpdeskekalyan [at] cgg [dot] gov [dot] in
Note: Upload digitally signed online issued certificates like Caste,Residential and Income in to our website (ekalyan.cgg.gov.in).

Only Scanned copies for all the Original Documents (Latest Documents only) should be uploaded. The List of Documents Includes

  • Student Photograph
  • Bonafide Certificate (with Fee structure )
  • valid Income Certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Previous Year Mark Sheet
  • Bank Pass Book Scan
  • Scanned Copy of Application Form (Signature of Student and Parent/Guardian)

No Tampered Documents or False/Unauthorised Documents which are not legitimate should not be uploaded. If Any False/unauthorized documents are uploaded then the application will be rejected

(Please ensure that you upload the document properly with the size limit of 150KB on the website. You will not be considered for scholarship if all the Documents are not uploaded properly. It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to submit/upload latest copies on the website.)

You can Edit information filled by you until you finalize and submit the online application.
Aadhaar Card Number is mandatory for the Students in order to fill up the application form online. Students can also apply for Scholarship entering the Aadhaar no.
No, PAN Card is not mandatory. However it is advised to fill the details (PAN Card Number) only if the applicant parents have the PAN Card.
Student will contact to our helpdesk no's or their respective District Welfare Office(DWO).
Student can check the status of Online Application by logging with his/her login details.
You can take the print out of your application number of times once you submit and upload, finalize the application.