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Important Points for students:

No ImagePost Matric Application 2017-18 (Within State & Outside State) registrations will be open on 30 August 2017.

Important points for colleges(Within State & Outside State)

No Image For All Colleges/Institutions (Within State & Outside State) already registered (Only active colleges) in our online portal are requested to login with their received college login details to upload documents like Upload Affiliation/Recognition,College/Institution Registration Certificate ,Course and Course fee Certificate etc, Letter From Govt. or Compitent Authority by the Colleges/Institutions
( * in case Colleges/Institutions which have not uploaded/updated their college documents, college will not be eligible for students verification)

No Image College will receive User ID and Password through registered mobile no,if colleges are not remembering their login details Click Here

For All Colleges/Institutions (Within State & Outside State) if not registered earlier in our online portal are requested to register immediately. College Registration Request  Closed
(Last date for online registration by the colleges/institutions 7th August 2017)

About ekalyan

The Welfare Department running various schemes for the welfare of the backward classes and the SC/ST. A step towards achieve speedy, transparent & accountable governance. The system links all welfare departments, treasury, databases of Secondary Schools Certificate (SSC), colleges and banks to disburse scholarships. Processing of students' applications for scholarships, sanctioning and passing of bills for disbursement are enabled in the system.

(i) Pre Matric Scholarship
(ii) Post Matric (Within State) Scholarship
(iii) Post Matric (Outside State) Scholarship

Pre Matric Schemes

(i) Pre Matric SC Scheme
(ii) Pre Matric ST Scheme
(iii) Pre Matric BC Scheme

Post Matric Schemes

(i) Post Matric SC Scheme
(ii) Post Matric ST Scheme
(iii) Post Matric BC Scheme

News & Updates

  1. Post Matric(Within State & Outside the State) Fresh & Renewal Scholoarship Application 2017-18 Advertisement --- View Advertisement
  2. Students are advised to give their AADHAR linked bank account numbers while applying.
  3. Students are advise not to give wrong income certificate based on agriculture income .It will enquired upon.if found wrong necessary legal action will be taken against them.